Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

"Amazing Trekking in The Hidden Valley"
20 Days
  • Trekking & Hiking
  • Experience Local culture
  • Sightseeing Around City
  • 4-nights Deluxe hotel
  • 15 - Nights Eco lodge
  • 19 - Breakfast
  • 15 Dinner and Lunch

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Overview & Highlights

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Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Highlights

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is challenging but more rewarding in the Dhaulagiri region. It is the seventh tallest mountain in the world, located in the northwestern part of Nepal. The name Dhaulagiri is derived from the Sanskrit words for White Mountain. It is a perfect choice for hikers who want to avoid the crowds and discover the raw nature. It offers a fascinating view of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri chains with the green valleys. Calm landscapes, fascinating glacial pine forests and rhododendrons, ice-covered peaks, hot springs, waterfalls, Thorang Peak, etc.

Main Highlights

             ·            Walk on uneven trails

             ·            A short trip of the famous Lake-town of Pokhara

             ·            Cultural and Sightseeing tour of the Kathmandu Valley

             ·            Walks through dense forests with unexplored fauna and flora

             ·            Stunning views of mountain panoramas, including Mount Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Range.

             ·            Trek through the French Pass, the hidden valley of the Dhampus Pass, the Kali Gandaki Gorge

Itinerary Highlights

Dhaulagiri Circuit trek itinerary can be customized according to your choice. Please write to us for the individual travel Itinerary. The price varies depending on hotel category, transportation, private vehicle, and flight service.

 Day 01: Welcome to Kathmandu: 1,350 m.

Day 02: Kathmandu valley sightseeing tour and preparation of trek:

Day 03: Travel from Kathmandu to Beni: 810 m.

Day 04: From Beni to Babiyachaur: 950 m. Walking Distance 5 - 6 hours

Day 05: Trek from Babiyachaur to Dharapani: Walking Distance 5 - 6 hours

Day 06: Trek Dharapani to Muri: Walking Distance 4 - 5 hours

Day 07: Trek from Muri to Baghara: 1990 m. Walking Distance 5 - 6 hours

Day 08: Trek from Baghara to Dobang: 2400 m. Walking Distance 5 - 6 hours

Day 09: Trek from Dobang to Sallaghari: 3630 m. Walking Distance 5-6 hours

Day 10: Trek from Sallaghari to the Italian base camp: 3630 m. Walking Distance 6-7 hours

Day 11: Acclimatization and rest day: 3730 m. 2-3 hours on foot

Day 12: Trek from the Italian base camp to the glacier camp: 4940 m. walking Distance 5-6 hours

Day 13: Trek from Glacier Camp to Dhaulagiri Base Camp: 4740 m, walking distance 6-7 hours

Day 14: Acclimatization and rest day: 4740m. 2-3 hours on foot

Day 15: Dhaulagiri Base Camp to French Col - Hidden Valley: 5400 m. Waking 7 hours

Day 16: Hidden Valley that crosses the Dhampus Pass to Yak Kharka: 3680 m. 7 hours walking

Day 17: Trekking from Yak Kharka to Jomsom: 3400 m. Walking Distance 4-5 hours

Day 18: Jomsom to Pokhara by flight

Day 19: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu:

Day 20: Final departure:

Overview of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Dhaulagiri circuit trek is one of the most challenging and adventurous trips. Nature, local culture, mountain views, and the local community are real and indeed something to explore. But to walk to Dhaulagiri, you need to be in good physical shape and know more about the mountains and the weather. Once you have all of this, you are ready to be overwhelmed by the beautiful natural and mountain panoramas. Suppose you are looking for challenging trails and unexplored remote villages and want to take in the breathtaking views of nature and mountain panoramas. Dhaulagiri trekking suits you best.

The main attraction of the trek to Dhaulagiri is the panoramic view of the snowy mountain in the Himalayas like Dhaulagiri, Tukuche Peak, Nilgiri, Annapurna, and Machhapuchhare, etc. Spectacular views of Dhaulagiri, Thorong Peak, Annapurna, and Kali Gandaki River with the deepest canyon in the world are main views in the Dhaulagiri trek. The hike leads through significant and challenging mountain passes. This remote trekking in Dhaulagiri offers stunning natural scenery, an evergreen forest that blooms with rhododendron, combined with warm indigenous people and their intoxicating blend of a unique culture.

Dhaulagiri BaseCamp Trek begins with a journey from Kathmandu to Beni. From Beni, we go walking on foot. In between, we will cross many urbanize fields, forests, and villages where different ethnic groups like Gurung, Chettri, and Magar live. After a few days of walking, you reach at the Italian base camp, where you can see the impressive view of Mount Dhaulagiri. You will also rest a few days to get used to the altitude. The beautiful forest trail with a closer view of the mountain panorama leads to Alto Vungini, the Italian base camp.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Itinerary

According to your flight schedule, we will be at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu to give you a warm welcome to our country for the beautiful trip. After exchanging friendly greetings in the arrival area, we will guide you to our vehicle to take you to our hotel.

Meals included: no food

After early breakfast, each guest must come to the company to review their trip to purchase and manage the necessary things for their trips. After talking about the trip, we will take you on a cultural tour of the Kathmandu Valley. Your tours include Swoyambhunath, the oldest monument in the Kathmandu Valley, Durbar Square in Kathmandu, to see the temple of the living goddess and other medieval architectural wonders, Pashupatinath, to immerse yourself in the Hindu death rites on the banks of a sacred river. And Boudhanath: a large Buddhist sanctuary, considered to be the largest in the world.

Meals included: breakfast

We drive to Beni, which is also the starting point of our trek. We have to drive on the Prithivi highway from Kathmandu. The trip lasts approximately 8 hours. The journey will be a long one, but the views along the road are beautiful and lead through the famous lake town of Pokhara. If you fly to Pokhara, you can take a short tour of the Lake City of Pokhara. After arriving in Beni, we checked into the hotel room. You will spend your night in Beni Bazaar.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

After breakfast, we walk next to Myagdi Khola. With our walk, we can explore different towns that run on our way. After walking for a while, we reached Simalchaur near a village. Here we cross two bridges. On the way, we will notice a beautiful landscape of terraces through which the villagers pass. Our last stop for today is Babiyachaur. Before reaching Babiyachaur, we have to cross hanging bridges, and most of the walks take place along the Myagdi Khola. We will camp in Babiyachaur to spend the night.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

We start our trek with a hot breakfast, set on fire in the camp. The last stop in  Dharapani. We walk towards Phedi and cross the Myagdi Khola. The way forward will be direct and straightforward. We will cross Shahashradhara village and cross to Duk Khola. We will walk in green grass fields until we reach Ratorunga. After a short walk, we enter the Dharapani parish. We will stay in the camp at night.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

Today we walk to a place called Muri. Six hours of ascent and descent take us to Muri. When we finish our breakfast in the camp, we will pack our things and descend through different towns. After walking downhill for a while, we come to a suspension bridge. The path climbs the suspension bridge. We reached Muri on this uphill path. It is a small town where Magar mainly lives. Here we will also build a camp for the night stay.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

From Muri, it will take us about 6 hours to get to Baghara. Today we cross a river called Dhora Khola. In addition to Dhora Khola, you can see terraces. From here, we climb the mountain until we reach Ghorban Dhara. Ghorban Dhara offers the perfect view of Ghustung south, which rises to 6465 m. Then we follow the path along Myagdi Khola until we reach Naura. We will go straight up the side of the mountain to Ghorban Dhara. From Ghorban Dhara you can see Ghustung South (6465 m). Before reaching the Naura, we follow the path to the banks of the Myagdi Khola River. From Naura we climb the side of the mountain. Sometimes uphill and a road that crosses steep grassy hills and if you continue to descend through a forested area on a steep, well-developed zigzag stone path and climb a ridge, Baghara becomes visible at 2050m. We will camp here at night.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

The real challenges of the trip start here. The path becomes steep with more slopes and descents. The walk takes five hours to reach Dobang. On the way to our destination, we can see some mountain views. After arriving in Dobang, we will build our camp and spend the night.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

At the end of our breakfast, we continue our walk towards Sallaghari. Sallaghari means dense pine forest. It is also the summer grass. We will walk gently on an ascending path that leads through dense rhododendron, pine, and bamboo forests. As soon as you see a ridge to climb, finish a smooth hike. You should go uphill. From the top of the hill, you can see the Dhaulagiri-I wall. From here, the path descends towards Myagdi Khola and leads us along this river to Sallaghari. We will camp night for night stay.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

After waking up, surrounded by pine forests and the sound of a rapidly flowing river, we have breakfast at the camp. Then we pack our camping utensils and walk to our destination. The walk lasts four hours, and when we get to the Italian base camp, we will first find the glacier. The views of the Dhaulagiri mountain range, Manapathi Peak and Dhaulagiri-II are genuinely inspiring and impressive. The camp is located under the west wall of Dhaulagiri-I, where we will camp overnight.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

The walk is considered ambiguous, so the rest is more important if you want to end your walk. We take a break from hiking and rest for today. We will explore the base camp so that we can adapt to the air at high altitudes. We will visit tea houses where some trekker items are offered. After exploring the tea houses and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Dhaulagiri Mountains and the Manapathi Summit, we return to our camp for the night.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

Our body today becomes much lighter, which will be useful for today's trekking. We will continue our trek to Glacier Camp. The trail is much more rugged with rocks and steep slopes and slippery glaciers. After a while, we cross the moraine of an iceberg that flows down from the Dhaulagiri. We also need ropes to be able to climb in today's trekking. After 5-6 hours of walking, we reach our last stop at Glacier Camp. Today we camp at night too.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

Today is also a stressful day for trekking. You should walk down the slippery glacier path. The climb will be much stricter and more demanding. Ascending six hours is a hard work, but once you reach at Dhaulagiri Base Camp, you will forget all the suffering you have been through the trek. You will be surprised to see Dhaulagiri-I standing in front of you. In addition to Dhaulagiri, you can see various peaks such as Dhaulagiri II (7,751 m), III (7,715 m), and IV (7,618 m). In front of our camp, there is a spectacular ice waterfall between Tukuche and Dhaulagiri. We will camp for overnight stay.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

Our legs ache from yesterday's climb, so this day off will help us recover. We will explore the Dhaulagiri Base Camp. It will also be height adjusted if you want to explore the camp. Climbing something above the camp gives you a spectacular view of the Dhaulagiri Range. After looking around for a while, we returned to base camp to rest. We will stay at the camp.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

On a cold morning, we will have a hot breakfast and start our trek towards French Col, from where you will be amazed by the view of the hidden valley. However, before you start logging, you must leave the glacier to which you must climb. After doing strenuous work in rope climbing, you can walk on less arduous terrain to reach French Col, the hidden valley that also reminds of Tibet and Ladakh. The temperature here is at least -20 degrees Celsius. Then we walk to the hidden valley where we will camp for the night stay.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

To get to Yak Kharka, we first have to cross the Dhampus Pass. The walk lasts approximately seven hours. The trek to Dhampus is arduous because you have to climb steeply. Not only is uphill a challenge, but downhill is as tricky as uphill. On the descent, we pass avalanche and rocky slopes. After falling down a challenging path, we come to an open space where the yak grazes. This free grass space is known as Yak Kharka. We will camp in Yak Kharka to spend the night.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

Today's hike will be the easiest after all the hard and tough days of trekking. Our last stop of the day is Jomsom. After having breakfast in the camp you will go downhill towards the Kali Gandaki valley and then Allubari. If we descend again from Allubari, we finally reach the village of Marpha, which rises to (2,667 m). You can shop here in the village of Marpha because the village is beautiful and there are several craft shops around the village. From the community of Marpha, we reach a certain height to get to our last stop for Jomsom. Here you can enjoy the end of your walk. We're going to make a bonfire with local Marpha apple (alcohol) and beer. We'll camp for the night.

Meals included: breakfast lunch dinner

We will fly back to Pokhara so that our bodies can rest. On the return flight to Pokhara, you can see the panoramas of the Himalayas. As soon as we arrive in Pokhara, we will check into our hotel. We will be fresh and ready to explore the Lakeside area. You can enjoy the view of the mount. Machhapuchhre and Lake Phewa. Today we stay in the hotel to spend the night.

Meals included: breakfast

At the end of our morning breakfast, we return to Kathmandu on a tourist bus. We'll enjoy the scenery on the way, and then we'll check-in at the three-star hotel in Kathmandu.

Meals included: breakfast

Today you return home or move to your next destination. If you would like to stay in Nepal for a few more days, we will be happy to help you. Otherwise, we say goodbye and wish you the best of luck. After you've managed all your documents and packed your bags, we'll take you to the airport

Meals included: breakfast


  • Airport - Hotel - Airport transfers by Luxury private vehicle.

    Kathmandu city tour with an experienced guide and private vehicle

    Hotel in Kathmandu with two single beds, including breakfast.

    Entry Tickets for the city tour in Kathmandu

    Hotel in Pokhara with two single beds, including breakfast.

    Tent camp during trekking with full board meals

    All necessary camping equipment such as a two-person tent, dining tent, kitchen tent, bathroom tent, all kitchen equipment, mattress

    All necessary trekking permits

    Air ticket from Jomsom to Pokhara

    An experienced English speaking trek guide, Cook, and Porters.

    Group medical care (first aid kit will be available).

    All ground transports by private vehicle depending on the group size

    All necessary documents, office fees, and all government taxes

  • All meals other then Breakfast in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

    Nepal Entry Visa Fee, you can get it upon arrival at the Kathmandu airport.

    International flight and airport tax

    Personal expenses such as laundry, phone calls, sweets, snacks, drinks, and cash bills, charging the camera battery.

    Alcoholic beverages, hot shower

    Travel insurance

    Personal trekking equipment

    Tips for trek/tour guide and drivers

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Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Accommodation

Trekking in the remote area of ​​Dhaulagiri is also an opportunity to live a simple life away from worldly delights in the lap of the Himalayas. It's an experience in itself to stay in a tent that offers minimalist foods like soup, noodles, potatoes, vegetables, dal Bhat, fried rice, eggs, etc. We do not recommend drinking raw water from the taps. On this walk, water is added to fill the bottle with boiled water. Besides, we recommend that you take cleaning tablets or a filter bottle (e.g. a water-to-go bottle) for water treatment when you are in cities or when no water is supplied. We do not recommend buying disposable plastic bottles.

We chose the best three-star hotel accommodations for three nights in Kathmandu, one night in Pokhara, and one night in Jomsom in the best available hotel/guest house. Accommodation during the hike is in a comfortable tent for two men. We deliver high-quality 4-season sleeping bags and foam mattresses on canvas. We maintain standard comfort in all matters under the enforceable conditions, such as Weather disasters. All accommodations in hotels/guest houses and camps are shared in a double or twin room.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Route Map

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Map

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Video

Essential Information

Weather and the best time for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

The best time for Dhaulagiri Trek is spring (April-May) and fall (September-November). These times offer the best scenery and the most transparent sky, but, of course, they are a little more crowded than in the low season. During spring, many foreign visitors want to experience spring in the region. At the same time, fall is the most popular trekking season in all of Nepal, as the weather is dry after the monsoons and temperatures are very pleasant. This hike has a wide temperature range depending on the altitude and the time of day. In the mountains between 1,000 m and 3,500 m, the nights are cold, generally around 5 ° C, and during the day temperatures sometimes rise to 25 ° C. At higher altitudes, temperatures range from 15 ° C to - 15 ° C.

Trekking guide (s) and staff arrangements

The most important thing that makes our hike in Dhaulagiri successful, enjoyable, and unforgettable is the skilful, experienced, courteous, and helpful hiking guide and crew who can make our days in the mountains run smoothly. The best and most professional leaders will guide your walk. All our companies, trekking staffs, are carefully selected based on their appropriate experience, leadership skills, and personal talent. To preserve local communities, we only employ local people who have sufficient knowledge of the culture, flora, fauna, geography, and history of the region or regions.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance for each itinerary of our company is a prerequisite for booking vacations. At a minimum, you must have emergency and repatriation insurance that must include the cost of the mountain rescue. Carefully review the terms and conditions of your insurers. In particular, you should ensure that the following are covered: 1) Activity (i.e. tourism, trekking or mountaineering) 2) Maximum altitude that can be reached during trekking 3) Evacuation of the helicopter in an emergency. You should understand that you will bear the cost of the evacuation and return procedures, and that is your responsibility to pay for the removal or medical treatment. You must be fully aware of the effects of travel insurance and understand the limitations and exclusions of your policy. Please note that in certain circumstances our company guide may initiate helicopter rescue operations (or other necessary operations) in medical emergencies without first seeking approval from your insurance company.

Physical fitness and experience requirements

Dhaulagiri Trek falls into strenuous levels. You have to walk in high altitude areas. The trail can be difficult and steep in some places. You have to walk on rocky and sterile ground for 5-6 hours a day. Some days, you may even have to walk 8 to 9 hours. Walking at higher altitudes is more physically demanding than walking at lower elevations. However, if you are in excellent health with average fitness, a positive attitude, self-confidence, and strong determination, we can take a walk. Therefore, you must be physically and mentally fit to do this hike. Exercising and jogging regularly for a few months before travelling is a good idea, as it improves our strength and stability. Previous hiking experiences are preferred, but no technical knowledge is required. You should consult your doctor before booking this hike. Participants with existing diseases such as Lung, heart, and blood diseases must inform us before booking the trip.

Proposed preparation

Exercises Cardiovascular exercises like running, biking, jogging, push-ups, and push-ups for three months, 4-5 days a week, before your trip becomes extremely practical.

You should also participate in the development of core strength and muscular endurance during strength training.

Hiking on the hills in different weather conditions is adequate preparation for this trip.


The Dhaulagiri circuit trek route is one of the toughest in Nepal. It is suitable for those trekkers who have previous experience in trekking and climbing at altitudes above 5,000 m. The optional climb to Dhampus Peak requires essential mountain climbing skills like Knowledge of handling ice axes and crampons. You spend three days in a row trekking on snow over 5,000 m without an easy descent. The challenge is compounded by the cold as this is a camping trek and there are no guest houses for the night. It is not suitable for beginners but for those who has more experience will find the rewards are high.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Reviews

Total Reviews: 1

by David K, United Kingdom

Challenging but enjoyable trek in Mt. Dhaulagiri

Seven of us did the Dhaulagiri circuit trek with the help of Nepal Tour & Trekking Service P. Ltd. The trek was challenging and incredible. Mr. Ganesh was excellent at Communicating and organizing the trip with us in advance. Our guide, assistant guide, and other crews were very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, as well as constant guidance at all times, even though a blinding blizzard towards the end. Our cook was excellent at preparing a variety of delicious food every day.

We recommend the Dhaulagiri trekking, but it is physically much more demanding treks. We were over 15,000 feet for five nights, but the proximity of the peaks and the overall experience were exceptional. Our ascent to the French Pass was steep but manageable. All in all a marvelous and unforgettable trip in Mount Dhaulagiri


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